ACEA Learning Plan April 17, 2020

April 17, 2020

Dear ACEA Families:

I hope that this finds you all safe and healthy.   I am so proud of the ACEA staff and their hard work this week coming up with a Learning Plan for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, which begins on Monday, April 20.   These great educators have come up with a plan that we believe will provide meaningful learning opportunities for our students while keeping them connected and engaged.  Some of you may have already heard from your teachers, they will be in contact with you over the next few days.   Each week teachers will connect with students with lessons and learning activities.  We will be contacting students and parents to make sure that we have a student email on file.

We have chosen to use a mixed approach, meaning students with computer and Internet access will use the platform that our teachers have been using, google classroom.    We have been reaching out to students and parents the last few weeks to make sure they have the appropriate access for remote learning.   We are working on getting computers or Ipads to those without a computer and sharing Internet resources for students without Internet access.  Packets will be available weekly for either pick up or delivery for students without access.  We will be contacting these students individually to set up a plan.  Here are some key points of our continuity of learning plan:

  • Teachers will continue to communicate via google classroom, text, or email and Virtual meetings on secure platforms such as Zoom may be used.
  • Students should follow the instructional schedule below; the 30 minute timeframe is an approximate time; you should follow your teacher’s instructions on each assignment.
  • Regularly check feedback from teachers
  • Teachers are available to answer questions during the week and will do their best to respond in a timely manner.  They will also be holding office hours via zoom as an opportunity for students to connect and engage with staff as well as get an specific questions answered in a virtual platform;
  • If you were failing a class prior to March 13, when we closed school, you will have the opportunity to make up some work to pass Marking Period 5.  Your teachers will communicate if work is needed for MP 5.
  • Moving forward; students will receive feedback on their learning and credit will be given based on completion of assignments and teacher expectations, not grades.
  • For Senior’s who were on track to graduate in June, Mr. Simonds or myself will be in contact with each of you individually to go over your requirements.  Keep working on your on-line courses and your assignments from your teachers for your current classes.   We continue exploring all of our options to ensure that our seniors have a meaningful graduation ceremony.  More communication will be shared to our senior parents on this in the coming weeks.
  • The Special Ed. Team is working together on a plan that supports the needs of students with an IEP.  More information will be shared next week.
  • The Night School team is working together to come up with a plan for students working exclusively on their GED and all on-line
  • We will be sharing other opportunities to be engaged, ways to reduce stress and stay physically active via the general google classroom named ACEA 2019-20 and on Facebook

We will continue to have a food distribution on a bi-weekly basis; times will be shared as they get closer; the times will depend on when resources are available in the community.   There are several locations around the community that offer grab and go lunches for any school-aged student, it doesn’t matter where you attend school.  This information is posted on our FB page and we will be sending updated information next week.    Engaging students remotely has many challenges for everyone.   We will be asking for your feedback on a regular basis and work as a team to make any adjustments as needed.  We understand that there must be additional stress that our families are experiencing during this time. While academics and learning are important to us, we also realize that communication, support, and normalcy is important as well. Our purpose through this distance learning process is first and foremost to reconnect with our students and families, and to offer any type of support we can.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if there are any other needs that we can support you with.  We will be sending out a list of all staff and their contact emails early next week.  Thank you for your patience.  We may not be together, but we can still stay connected.  Stay safe.


Michelle Zielinski

ACEA Principal

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math – 30 min Social Studies – 30 min Math – 30 min Social Studies – 30 min Art, Psych, Multimedia – 30 Min
Science – 30 min ELA – 30 min Science – 30 min ELA – 30 min Careers and/or on-line 45 min
CAD, Tech Ed – 30 min Art, Psych, Multimedia – 30 min Careers and/or on-line 45 min CAD, Tech Ed –  30 min Make-up work – 30 min
Other – 30 min PE – 30 min Other – 30min Other – 30 min PE – 30 min