Academic and Career Education Academy (ACEA) is an alternative high school that provides an innovative learning environment for students by integrating Michigan's educational standards through different delivery systems. ACEA promotes student success through mastery learning, individualized academic planning, career exploration, and vocational/work opportunities. ACEA offers the educational background necessary for students to begin a career or enter a post-secondary school after graduation. Transportation is available for ACEA students.

Today's ACEA Covid-19 Update

The following information is taken from the COVID-19 daily report received from the Midland County Department of Public Health.

  • 1 ACEA Staff/Students in Covid-19 related isolation or quarantine.
  • 0 are a close contact to a confirmed Covid-positive tested individual within ACEA.
  • 0 are close contacts to a COVID-positive tested individual within ACEA.
  • 0 ACEA staff/students is a current positive-tested individual.

Bus Schedule


OK2SAY is a confidential way to report threats to student safety and school personnel.